The UK’s only 100% Vegan Hog Roast.

A game-changing plant-powered Hog Roast.

We’ve taken the best plant protein out there, infused it with smoky BBQ flavours, lathered it in apple sauce, topped it with stuffing and packed it into a toasted rustic roll. Then we’ve thrown in some naughty salted cracklin’ for good measure.

More than just tasty, The Hogless Roast is full of protein and fibre, gluten-free, and, most importantly, keeps pigs off plates. They love us!

It’s your traditional hog roast roll, reimagined for a new generation.  


We’re at the forefront of a new movement taking gourmet, plant-based food into the mainstream.

This isn’t about preaching or converting. It’s about creating delicious and sustainable food for everyone – not just veggies and vegans. Read more about us here.


We cater at public and private events all over the UK. Street food markets, festivals, private parties, vegetarian and vegan wedding catering - we do the lot!

So if you’re looking for vegan street food with a meaty twist, you’re in the right place. Hire us today.


Go Hogless!


If you’re looking for some Hogless love at your next event, just drop us a line below. We’ll get back to you today.

Or alternatively email us at info@thehoglessroast.com

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